NadekoBot a Discord bot

Nadeko is written in C# and Discord.Net for more information visit

Install Docker

Follow the respective guide for your operating system found here Docker Engine Install Guide

Nadeko Setup Guide

For this guide we will be using the folder /nadeko as our config root folder.

docker create --name=nadeko -v /nadeko/conf/:/root/nadeko -v /nadeko/data:/opt/NadekoBot/src/NadekoBot/bin/Release/netcoreapp1.1/data uirel/nadeko:1.4

-If you are coming from a previous version of nadeko (the old docker) make sure your credentials.json has been copied into this directory and is the only thing in this folder.

-If you are making a fresh install, create your credentials.json from the following guide and place it in the /nadeko folder Nadeko JSON Guide

Next start the docker up with docker start nadeko; docker logs -f nadeko

The docker will start and the log file will start scrolling past. Depending on hardware the bot start can take up to 5 minutes on a small DigitalOcean droplet. Once the log ends with "NadekoBot | Starting NadekoBot v1.0-rc2" the bot is ready and can be invited to your server. Ctrl+C at this point to stop viewing the logs.

After a few moments you should be able to invite Nadeko to your server. If you cannot, check the log file for errors.


  • Monitor the logs of the container in realtime docker logs -f nadeko.



Updates are handled by pulling the new layer of the Docker Container which contains a pre compiled update to Nadeko. The following commands are required for the default options

docker pull uirel/nadeko:latest

docker stop nadeko; docker rm nadeko

docker create --name=nadeko -v /nadeko/conf/:/root/nadeko -v /nadeko/data:/opt/NadekoBot/src/NadekoBot/bin/Release/netcoreapp1.1/data uirel/nadeko:1.4

docker start nadeko

Automatic Updates

Automatic update are now handled by WatchTower WatchTower GitHub To setup WatchTower to keep Nadeko up-to-date for you with the default settings, use the following command

docker run -d --name watchtower -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock centurylink/watchtower --cleanup nadeko

This will check for updates to the docker every 5 minutes and update immediately. Alternatively using the --interval X command to change the interval, where X is the amount of time in seconds to wait. e.g 21600 for 6 hours.

If you have any issues with the docker setup, please ask in #help channel on our Discord server but indicate you are using the docker.

For information about configuring your bot or its functionality, please check the documentation.