Setting up your Credentials

If you do not see credentials.json you will need to rename credentials_example.json to credentials.json.

This is how the unedited credentials look:

  "ClientId": 123123123,
  "BotId": null,
  "Token": "",
  "OwnerIds": [
  "LoLApiKey": "",
  "GoogleApiKey": "",
  "MashapeKey": "",
  "OsuApiKey": "",
  "SoundCloudClientId": "",
  "CarbonKey": "",
  "Db": null,
  "TotalShards": 1

Required Parts

  • Token - Required to log in. Refer to this guide
  • OwnerIds - Required for the Owner-Only commands. Seperate multiple Id's with a comma.
  • BotId - Required for custom reactions to work.
  • Important : Bot ID and Client ID will be the same in newer bot accounts due to recent changes by Discord.

BotId and the OwnerIds are NOT the names of the owner and the bot. If you do not know the id of your bot, keep the two random numbers in those fields and run the bot then do .uid @MyBotName - this will give you your bot_id. Do the same for yourself with .uid @MyName Put these numbers in their respective field of the credentials.

Setting up your API keys

This part is completely optional, However it is necessary for music to work properly

  • GoogleAPIKey - Required for Youtube Song Search, Playlist queuing, and URL Shortener. ~i and ~img. You can get this api Key here
  • SoundCloudClientID - Required to queue soundloud songs from sc links. You will need to create a new app here. Please note you must be logged into SoundCloud
    • Simply click Register a new application and enter a name.
    • Copy the Client ID and click "save app" then paste the Client Id it into your credentials.json
  • MashapeKey - Required for Urban Disctionary, Hashtag search, and Hearthstone cards. You need to create an account on their api marketplace, after that go to and press Get the keys in the top right corner.
    • Copy the key and paste it into credentials.json
  • LOLAPIKey - Required for all League of Legends commands. You can get this key here
  • OsuAPIKey - Required for Osu commands You can get this key here You will need to log in and like the soundcloud it may take a few tries
  • CarbonKey -This key is for stats. Most likely unnecessary Needed only if your bot is listed on

Additional options

  • TotalShards - Required if the bot will be connected to more than 2500 servers Most likely unnecessary to change until your bot is added to more than 2000 servers


config.json is now removed with the addition of NadekoBot.db so if you have Nadeko 0.9x follow the upgrading guide to upgrade your bot.

DB files

Nadeko uses few db files in order to open these database files NadekoBot\src\NadekoBot\bin\Release\netcoreapp1.0\data\NadekoBot.db (1.0) or data\NadekoBot.sqlite (0.9x) you will need DB Browser for SQLite.

To make changes

  • go to Browse Data tab
  • click on Table drop-down list
  • choose the table you want to edit
  • click on the cell you want to edit
  • edit it on the right-hand side
  • click on Apply
  • click on Write Changes

and that will save all the changes.