If you have NadekoBot 1.x on Windows

  • Go to NadekoBot\src\NadekoBot and backup your credentials.json file; then go to NadekoBot\src\NadekoBot\bin\Release\netcoreapp1.0 and backup your data folder.
  • Follow the Windows Guide and install the latest version of NadekoBot.
  • Paste your credentials.json file into the C:\Program Files\NadekoBot\system folder.
  • Paste your data folder into C:\Program Files\NadekoBot\system folder.
  • If it asks you to overwrite files, it is fine to do so.
  • Next launch your new Nadeko as the guide describes, if it is not already running.

If you are running Dockerised Nadeko

  • Shutdown your existing container docker stop nadeko.
  • Move you credentials and other files to another folder.
  • Delete your container docker rm nadeko.
  • Create a new container docker create --name=nadeko -v /nadeko/:/root/nadeko uirel/nadeko:1.4.
  • Start the container docker start nadeko wait for it to complain about lacking credentials.
  • Stop the container docker stop nadeko open the nadeko folder and replace the credentials, database and other files with your copies.
  • Restart the container docker start nadeko.

If you have NadekoBot 1.x on Linux or macOS

  • Backup the NadekoBot.db from NadekoBot/src/NadekoBot/bin/Release/netcoreapp1.0/data
  • Backup the credentials.json from NadekoBot/src/NadekoBot/
  • For MacOS Users Only: download and install the latest version of .NET Core SDK
  • Next, use the command cd ~ && wget -N https://github.com/Kwoth/NadekoBot-BashScript/raw/1.4/linuxAIO.sh && bash linuxAIO.sh
  • For Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS Users Only: use the option 4. Auto-Install Prerequisites to install the latest version of .NET Core SDK.
  • Use option 1. Download NadekoBot to update your NadekoBot to 1.4.x.
  • Next, just run your NadekoBot.
  • NOTE: 1.4.x uses NadekoBot.db file from NadekoBot/src/NadekoBot/bin/Release/netcoreapp1.1/data folder.