Setting up NadekoBot From Source

Note: 32-bit Windows version is experimental
32-bit linux is not possible because of .Net compatability.


Getting Nadeko Ready to Run

git clone -b 1.9
- Edit the credentials.json in NadekoBot/src/NadekoBot according to this guide.
- Move youtube-dl.exe and ffmpeg.exe into NadekoBot/src/NadekoBot. For 32-bit Windows, also replace libsodium.dll and opus.dll with the ones you downloaded.

Running NadekoBot

  • For 32-bit Windows, run the redis-server.exe that you downloaded. You must have this window open when you use NadekoBot. cd NadekoBot/src/NadekoBot

dotnet run -c Release

Updating Nadeko

  • Might not work if you've made custom edits to the source, make sure you know how git works)

git pull
dotnet run -c Release

If you're running from source on windows, you will have to add these 2 extra lines to your credentials, after the first open bracket:

    "ShardRunCommand": "dotnet",
    "ShardRunArguments": "run -c Release -- {0} {1}",